Lighter. More stable. More economical.

Forging aluminium is our speciality.

Aluminium guarantees consistently top quality. Despite its low weight, it has high strength, is corrosion-resistant and can be individualized. With only five percent of the original energy input, aluminium can be reused and therefore has outstanding recycling properties.

Aluminium is an economically and ecologically sensible alternative to other metals.

Trust in our competence

Our customers and their products are always in the focus.

Our goal is to provide the best product quality standards for our customers; therefore, we are concerned with stable and controlled production processes on the basis of a recognized quality management system. The constant striving for improvement in all areas is accompanied by goal-oriented ways of thinking and acting towards customers, employees, suppliers, the environment and the company.

Corporate philosophy

We forge your plans.

It is our declared and lived corporate philosophy to align our work with the requirements of our customers.